Parent Workshops

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Parenting a deaf child can feel like a lonely journey. Sharing with other parents is so often a very real source of comfort and support. One of our workshops spanned a weekend where parents and their children were engaged in parallel activities. While the children enjoyed time both behind and in front of the camera, […]

Quest Model Bilingual School: Workshop 2

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Whilst exploring the exciting topic of Futures, the reality is that in South Africa, opportunities are limited for deaf young people. This in part is due to the social construct of deafness and the barriers and discrimination that the Deaf still face in our communities. Education is also a major limiting factor for deaf people, […]

Kwavulindlebe School for the Deaf: Workshop 1

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Our experience of observing deaf children working with visual media has been an extraordinary one. The children from Kwavulindlebe show great talent for visual art. Our initial approach to getting the children to produce images was through still photography. We showed the children, aged between 8 and 15, how to make pictures with automatic settings. The quality […]